Apple Released New Rules for Cryptocurrenсy Apps and Games, and It’s Not Good

Apple NFT crypto terms

Apple released a new set of rules for crypto apps in the App Store that reflects the company’s stance on NFTs, crypto and payment. Considering the size of the iOS applications market, it will certainly have an enormous effect on the development path that decentralized applications will choose for the foreseeable future. Enabling NFT buying From now on, developers will be able to leverage IAP to sell NFTs or offer services tied to non-fungibles like minting, listing and transferring. Technically, Apple officially created a gateway into crypto for mobile users. However, there is a downside.

According to the aforementioned rules, developers will not be able to implement alternative payment solutions, so users will be limited in the ecosystem created by Apple. Previously, the topic has been raised by numerous regulators. In addition to limiting payment options, Apple is not going to use NFTs as keys to unlock premium content or additional functionality. Technically, if you already own an NFT that you acquired outside of Apple’s ecosystem, it will be useful in iOS applications in terms of utility. Exchanges can capitalize on update Exchanges like Coinbase are already capitalizing on the size of the ecosystem built by Apple and using it to facilitate crypto transfers. However, in this case, NFTs are not considered cryptocurrencies.

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