75 major banks join blockchain payments network

Interbank Information Network

75 of the world’s biggest banks are turning to the Interbank Information Network (IIN) a blockchain payments platform to fight the threat of new payments rivals in what will be the regulated banking industry’s largest application of the distributed ledger technology. More than 70 additional banks, including Société Générale and Santander, are joining the Interbank Information Network which JPMorgan, Royal Bank of Canada and ANZ have been trialling for 11 months to see if blockchain payments technology can speed up payments that have errors or require additional compliance checks. The…

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Dell looks to blockchain to stay competitive in Indian server market

Dell Blockchain

Tech giant Dell EMC Technologies plans to remain a leader in the Indian server market by introducing products that have blockchain capabilities, local news outlet Economic Times India reports September 26. Dell has identified blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cloud-compliance as key features that the firm will push forward with in order to retain its edge. According to the Economic Times India, Dell had the highest overall market share of the Indian server market in Q1 2018 at 28.3 percent, up from 19.4 percent in the previous quarter.…

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Mastercard Eyes Blockchain For B2B

Blockchain Mastercard

Blockchain has been receiving attention well beyond cryptocurrencies, and the focus has shifted in part to patent filings. Though it may seem that China has dominated patent filing activity in recent weeks, a number of firms (not Alibaba) have been making their own way across the patent landscape. In the latest news germane to intellectual property and blockchain, Mastercard has filed three patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as reported this week. Amid those patent filings came details that the payments giant has developed a blockchain-based system,…

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New mining manufacturer Linzhi announces Ethereum ASIC Miner

Ethereum ASIC Miner

Chen Min, the former chief chip maker at Bitcoin mining chip developer Canaan Creative, is turning her attention to Ethereum. Announcing her venture at the Ethereum Classic Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Chen’s new company, Linzhi, will focus on building cryptocurrency mining devices, and its first official products are a series of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners designed specifically for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum ASIC miners are relatively new. The first group arrived five months ago in April by way of Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain. Known as Antminer E3s,…

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Bittrex to launch crypto exchange in Malta next month

Malta Crypto World

Bittrex has confirmed that “it will open a branch in Malta on Oct. 1, as part of its global expansion plans,” the Investor reported on Friday, September 14. Bittrex’s co-founder and CEO, Bill Shihara, said at the Upbit Developer Conference on the South Korean Jeju Island: We are now planning to launch Bittrex Malta…This will allow us to list tokens a lot faster. The conference is organized by Dunamu Inc., the operator of one of South Korea’s largest crypto exchanges, the Kakao-backed Upbit. Bittrex has a partnership agreement with Upbit…

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LG U+ to offer blockchain-based overseas payment service


LG Uplus has joined with global partners in Japan, Taiwan and the United States to offer subscribers a blockchain-based overseas payment service. The trial service, scheduled to start early next year, is based on a cross-carrier blockchain platform called CCPS (cross-carrier payment system), enabling subscribers from one carrier to complete purchase transactions on the payment networks of another carrier. It would mark the first time a Korean mobile carrier has offered such an advanced service to subscribers. Seoul-based LG Uplus signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Thursday with Taiwan-based Far…

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Security system for IoT

OAS Blockchain Renaissance Project

The Dubai Silicon Oasis-based firm, Next Big Idea Technology (NBIT), a group of Harvard-graduate blockchain professionals, is all set to develop and launch the state-of-the-art security system for IoT and blockchain with plans to reach the global market through the Middle East and Africa as its starting point. Sang Soo Lee, the CEO of NBIT said, his firm, on the basis of US and Korean technology, has come up with an OAS Blockchain Renaissance Project that blockchain technology applies beyond cryptocurrency. He said, “It is unfortunate that the general population…

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IoT and Blockchain: Distinguishing the Hype from Reality

Blockchain and IoT

A portion of the cybersecurity industry seems to be stuck in a cycle. When a new technology comes along, a chorus of vendors jumps into the fray essentially proclaiming: “This technology is different than the others. If you buy it, you’ll be safe.” Some years later, the explanation for that particular technology, whether it is public key infrastructure, firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection, antivirus software or network access control, becomes something like: “Well, the last technology you adopted is helpful, but you need another layer of defense.” Bolt-On Security And…

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Dodgers to hold first-ever Digital Bobblehead Night Sept. 21

LA Dodgers Stadium

The Dodgers will hold their first ever Digital Bobblehead Night on Sept. 21 against the Padres. Fans will have the opportunity to download a Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner or Kenley Jansen Crypto token. The promotion is the first of its kind in Major League Baseball, and believed to be the first Crypto giveaway in sports. While supplies last at guest’s point of entry, the first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a card with a unique code and directions to a website where a digital bobblehead can be unlocked…

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How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Support the IoT

Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology

There are many potential uses for blockchain in IoT, but for widespread adoption as part of IoT deployments, the technology needs to overcome scalability and interoperability issues. Blockchain technology (also called distributed ledger) is commonly associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. These digital currencies established the viability of distributed ledger as a means of conducting, verifying and permanently recording transactions without the need for a trusted third party. Beyond digital currencies, blockchain has many other potential applications. Many players are now starting to explore opportunities to apply blockchain…

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The crypto-powered Brave browser has 4 million monthly users

brave browser

This means that in two months it added over 1 million users. The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser, founded by Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, has recently reached 4 million monthly active users, 21,000 verified channels, and 26,000 publisher accounts. The data comes from a tweet published by Brendan Eich himself, who noted the browser’s team is set to work on integrating its basic attention token (BAT) on mobile this fall, and on surpassing 5 million monthly active users by the end of the year. Next year, Eich expects Brave…

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Crypto Market Continues Recovery as Bitcoin Price Hits $6,700

crypto markets

In the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has increased from $6,400 to $6,700, recording a decent increase in its daily volume. The valuation of the crypto market has increased from $210 billion to $215 billion within a two-day period, fueled by the short-term surge in the price of tokens. Ethereum-based tokens like Wanchain, Aion, and ICON recorded solid gains in the range of 10 to 20 percent against both the US dollar and Bitcoin, showing some momentum against major cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS, the top five…

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Chinese Aerospace develops blockchain invoice system

Fapiao invoice

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has announced it is developing a blockchain invoice system. Right now, China Aerospace’s electronic invoices are end-to-end. They cover issuance, delivery, filing, inspection, and reimbursement. So far it has issued around 2.5 billion invoices, and their levels of issuance are in-line with other major Chinese corporations. The electronic invoicing system that is commonly used in China is subject to over-reporting, false-reporting, and problems with chain-of-custody. China Aerospace created a blockchain invoice system to augment its electronic invoices, so they can better track their invoices…

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Coinbase wins patent for secure bitcoin payments system

bitcoin patent

A newly published Coinbase patent seeks to protect a way of making bitcoin purchases more secure for customers. In the filing, published August 14, the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange outlined how it could develop a payment portal which would allow users to pay using bitcoin directly from their digital wallet. “It may be a security concern for users that the private keys of their bitcoin addresses may be stolen from their wallets,” the patent stated. “Existing systems do not provide a solution for maintaining security over private keys while still allowing…

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Crypto Market Below $200 Billion

crypto market cap

Falling prices have sent the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies back below $200 billion. Data from CoinMarketCap shows the total market cap slid to $189 billion on Tuesday, a move that follows successive days of market declines. The market cap first rose above $200 billion in November 2017, a development spurred at the time by the listing of bitcoin futures products. Leading the downward push is zilliqa, which has seen the value of its ZIL cryptocurrency fall by 35 percent in the past 24 hours. The decline is accompanied…

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