$2.3 billion has been invested in blockchain gaming so far this year

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DappRadar, the decentralized app tracking platform, has unveiled data indicating a remarkable influx of $600 million in investments into the blockchain gaming sphere during the third quarter of 2023.

In the broader landscape of blockchain gaming ventures, the year 2023 has been nothing short of astonishing, witnessing an astounding $2.3 billion poured into this domain. Remarkably, even in the face of a seemingly bearish crypto market throughout the year, the third quarter alone contributed a substantial $600 million to this flourishing ecosystem.

Diving deeper into the quarterly breakdown, DappRadar’s report reveals that the first quarter of 2023 witnessed an impressive $739 million in investments. The momentum continued with the second and third quarters, raking in $973 million and $600 million, respectively. In sum, the blockchain gaming sector has successfully attracted a staggering $2.3 billion in investments during the first three quarters of 2023.

Notably, within the third quarter of 2023, $213 million was allocated to the development of metaverse-related games and technology, despite skeptics proclaiming the metaverse’s demise. The remaining investments within the same period were channeled into Web3 gaming infrastructure and investment firms, as per insights provided by DappRadar.

While these investments underline the ongoing faith in the blockchain gaming arena, it is worth noting that the investment in Web3 gaming in the current year falls considerably short when compared to 2022. DappRadar analysts have specifically highlighted that the current year’s investment tally stands at a mere “30% of last year’s fundraising activity.”

In retrospect, the third quarter of 2022 bore witness to a monumental $1.2 billion in investments in blockchain gaming. However, the third quarter of 2023 has taken a considerable dip, recording approximately 50% less, marking a substantial decline in this space’s investment landscape.

Source: bitcoinworld.co.in

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