Monero enters ‘overbought’ danger zone after XMR price gains 75% in two weeks

XMR-USD four-hour price chart featuring RSI and rising wedge setup. TradingView

Monero (XMR) price may witness a sharp pullback by June because its 75% rally in the last two weeks has left the gauge almost “overbought.”

Monero price RSI meets rising wedge

Downside risks have been mounting due to XMR’s relative strength index (RSI), which almost hit 70 this May 23, indicating that the market is considered overvalued. An oversold RSI could amount to a bout of declining moves, as a rule of technical analysis.

Additionally, Monero is also painting a bearish reversal pattern, dubbed the rising wedge. Rising wedges form when the price moves inside a range defined by two ascending, converging trendlines.

As they do, the volumes typically decline, underscoring a lack of conviction among traders about the upside price move.

Rising Wedges typically resolve after the price breaks below their lower trendline, followed by an extended move downside to the level that traders locate after adding the maximum wedge’s height to the breakdown point.

As a result of this technical rule, XMR risks falling toward $138.50 by June—down nearly 30% from today’s price—if the breakdown point comes to be around $180. While a breakdown move that appears near the apex point around $200 would shift the wedge’s downside target to nearly $150.

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