The seventh annual Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis


The well-loved cypherpunk event is back – this time warning of the impending Digital Totality

The annual Hackers Congress (HCPP) will take place on October 2nd-4th in the stunning venue of Paralelní Polis, Prague. Traditionally, it gathers freedom activists, technology geeks, artists, and scientists. Every HCPP has a current topic – a provocative idea behind it.

As it usually explores the binding constraints of global political and economic systems, this year’s manifesto states, “2020: a year of Digital Totality.”

The event will feature opinions by experts on how society can escape from the imprisonment of drones, cameras, databases, and hostile AI partially caused by the COVID-crisis. Previous three HCPP conferences were completely sold-out a few months ahead. The ticket sale starts on July 1st, and as per tradition, the last remaining ticket will be sold for one Bitcoin and grant you lifetime access to HCPP.

Last year’s speakers included Latin American freedom fighters Adolfo Linares and Reinaldo Escobar, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, crypto advocate, and crypto evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos. This year #HCPP20 has already confirmed speakers such as Riccardo Spagni (aka Fluffy Pony) from Monero core team, world-famous crypto-anarchists, and cypherpunks – Paul Rosenberg, Frank Braun and Smuggler, and Max Hillebrand, Wasabi Wallet, among others. There are ~30 speaking slots available, and the organizers are thrilled to fill every single one with members of the international cryptocurrency community.

Pavol Luptak, co-founder of Paralelní Polis and one of the organizers says about the upcoming Hackers Congress:
“We chose the topic of this year’s HCPP20 “Digital Totality” before the global pandemic COVID-19. We did not expect this topic would gain so much relevance and importance nowadays. We have already crossed the threshold of digital totalitarianism, and it is high time to use all means to ensure that we do not entirely collapse into it.”

The 7th Hackers Congress will be held in Prague in Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43) and La Fabrika (Komunardů 1001/30). The program starts on Friday, October 2nd, at 13:00 and ends on Sunday, October 4th, at 18:00. The official language is English.

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