Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin is virtual currency but it does not mean you cannot exchange it in real cash.
Bitcoin (and other currencies) ATMs are added every day, current speed is 4.29 ATMs/day.

Like any other ATMs this service is not free, so before using check the fees carefully. 9.68% is average fee (calculated based on 1191 machines supporting buy operations, and 421 ATMs supporting sell operations). 10.73% is average buy fee and 6.69% is average sell fee. So with current BTC/USD rate of 16661.10 USD can be your buying fee 1787 USD and selling fee 1114 USD.

Bitcoin ATMs by cryptocurrency

This figure shows the share of cryptocurrency ATMs by support of various altcoins. Machines needs to buy or sell cryptocurrency in order to be counted:

Bitcoin ATMs: 1969 (100%)
Litecoin ATMs: 617 (31.3%)
Ether ATMs: 282 (14.3%)
Dash ATMs: 147 (7.5%)
Bitcoin Cash ATMs: 85 (4.3%)
Zcash ATMs: 6 (0.3%)
Dogecoin ATMs: 4 (0.2%)
Monero ATMs: 1 (0.1%)


(Data used last updated: 2017-12-21)


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