Crypto Trader Turns $12K Into $1M In 10 Days

SmartMoney turned $12K into $1M

A trader has transformed an initial $12,000 investment into $1.05 million in just 10 days, primarily through the skyrocketing success of Pepe 2.0.

What Happened: Data from Lookonchain shows that the trader initially allocated $90,000 to purchase 7.9 trillion Pepe 2.0 tokens, and subsequently sold 5.2 trillion of the meme coin for approximately $614,000.

Pepe 2.0, a token largely introduced within the past week, positions itself as a new iteration of the popular Pepe Coin.

Capitalizing on Pepe 2.0’s spike on June 28, the trader flipped $400,000 worth of Bitcoin for 6 trillion Pepe 2.0 tokens.

Why It Matters: The trader continued to amass more Pepe 2.0 on June 30 and July 2.

As the price of Pepe 2.0 soared, the trade sold 2.3 trillion of these tokens for 215 ETH, equivalent to approximately $398,000.

At present, the trader still possesses 2.7 trillion Pepe 2.0 tokens, valued at around $533,000.

Another striking success story involves a wallet that turned an initial $900 investment in Pepe 2.0 into over $176,000 within 24 hours. Lookonchain analysis reveals that the wallet capitalized on this profitable position by selling in two separate transactions, each involving the sale of 2 ether (ETH), as the token continued its ascent.

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