CoinMarketCap launches iOS mobile app

CoinMarketCap App official

CoinMarketCap has released its first mobile application for iOS to track cryptocurrency prices.

In its fifth anniversary since the launch of its website, the company also rebranded its website with a new logo and site design and added some highly requested features.

The most prominent part of the new brand identity is logo, which represents the CMC of CoinMarketCap and the ups and downs of the CoinMarketCapmarkets.

The users can now add cryptocurrencies to their Watchlist for quick and easy future reference. The Watchlist uses cookies to store one’s preferences on the device in use.

The company also has added a new version of the public API that fixes some minor issues with V1.

The cryptocurrency space has grown tremendously since its launching in 2013. CoinMarketCap has also experienced significant growth during this five years.

At the time of launch, the company was tracking seven cryptocurrencies and there were only a handful of exchanges and markets with a total market capitalization of approximately $1.6 billion.

As of May 1, 2018, CoinMarketCap was tracking over 1600 cryptocurrencies and 200 exchanges with a total market capitalization over $$400 billion. In January this year, total market capitalization had reached an all time high of $835 billion.

According to Amazon’s Alexa, CoinMarketCap is currently the 174th most visited website globally with over 60 million unique visits this year to date.


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