Cardano (ADA) makes major changes to its node with crucial update


Blockchain platform Cardano have announced the release of a major update to its architecture. The update is made up of the Cardano Node and also includes Cardano Explorer Backend with Web API.

According to an extensive post, Cardano communications director Tim Harrison highlighted the features of the upgrade.

Cardano have been working on the upgrade for the past 18 months and it is expected to be a pre-cursor for upcoming releases of Shelley and Goguen. The updates are expected to make it easier for third-party developers and enterprise adoption.

Changes to begin in February with Ouroboros BFT update

Cardano reiterated that the changes to its architecture would begin with the Ouroboros BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) scheduled for February 20.

This would lead to a radical change to its ecosystem as Cardano’s blockchain is currently running on old implementation.

The release of BFT would enable the blockchain platform to migrate core nodes for block creation. This implementation would be further extended to Daedalus users who would be able to upgrade the wallet to the latest infrastructure.

New updates would revamp Cardano ecosystem

The new changes would bring a major shift within Cardano as IOHK engineers would be able to make more developments. Some which would be the ability to work on specific components without impacting others.

The new Cardano node also features an IPC interface that can be used by multiple client components, including wallets, explorers, CLI tools, and custom integration APIs and tools.

Also, the blockchain platform would be able to increase the speed of transactions performed per second. Cardano users would be able to access a better user interface with better adaptability and portability.

Cardano recently enabled staking on its Yoroi Wallet

Cardano has also been making different updates with the blockchain enabling staking on its Yoroi Wallet. Newslogical had reported yesterday that the blockchain platform had enabled staking on the Android version of its Yoroi Wallet.

It is widely said that Cardano has better technology than most people think and It seems the company is determined to prove what it’s really worth in the year 2020.


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