Bitcoin Rockets Again to Over $46K


After all the crypto market’s ups and downs, Bitcoin scores a price of over $46K. With a market cap of almost $900 billion, a 24-hour low/high numbers of $44,413.48/$47,172.18, and a seven-day low/high numbers of $40,842.4 /$46,992.89, Bitcoin has went up by 4.8% during the last four hours.

The official page of Bitcoin on Twitter announced the news with a tweet, implying that no one can predict Bitcoin. The tweet had a short video of a rocket going up in the sky as well. The reactions to this fact were supportive and celebratory.

In other words, Bitcoin is now pumping up. On the other hand, the crypto market is entering a new phase, where we can see a lot of grand companies, major global leaders, and many important businessmen investing in crypto as it is becoming the next revolution.

In other news, Ethereum is also pumping up to over $3K with a market cap of $398,833,984,900, a 24-hour low/high numbers of $3,128.29/$3,325.38, and a 7-day low/high numbers of $2,865.55/$3,307.59. Ethereum has also gone up by 5.4%.


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