Ad space on a pixel tapestry for crypto


CryptoPicture is pitching a ‘billion-dollar picture’ according to CoinTelegraph. It is 1,000 pixels wide and high and brands, companies and individuals can pay to feature on it. The advertising space can feature bespoke logos and website links, bringing together a patchwork of firms or advertisers.

Purchased blocks are not forever secure, another entity can come along and buy the block out for three times the original purchase price. 95% of the takings go to the brand and 5% is processed by the startup.

The company is initially pitching the CryptoPicture to blockchain and cryptocurrency firms.

The picture’s ever-changing tapestry is thought to appeal to the curiosity of consumers, although it is unclear how it will achieve viewability and the “huge exposure” it is promising.

The drive is reported to have driven up $3m in presale efforts.


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